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Not all vitamins are created equal. Hard to swallow vitamin pills are also hard to digest —  and extremely costly. Many doctors say Passion 4 Life is your best choice. Are vitamin pills really the best way to go? A growing body of research and recommendations suggests otherwise.  Passion 4 Life comes in easily digested and absorbed liquid form. One ounce a day is all it takes.


No Risk – Satisfaction Guaranteed or Product Money Refunded

A glance at the X-Ray at the right tells the story. Pills can remain undigested. But Passion 4 Life’s 135 liquid vitamins and minerals have already been dissolved.

It would take literally handfuls of pills to equal the 135 liquid vitamins and minerals Passion 4 Life provides. Many pills are absorbed only  between 10% and 20%. Even if pill manufacturers follow strict quality guidelines, their products are still hard to swallow and extremely expensive.

Here’s the Passion 4 Life difference: its liquid vitamins and minerals are absorbed up to 98% directly into the bloodstream within 3 minutes of ingestion. And the cost is a small fraction of what you would pay for all those pills.

What makes Passion 4 Life unique is the formula. It’s based on the most up-to-date research, making Passion 4 Life liquid vitamins the most complete and effective formula available.

Just one liquid vitamin ounce a day is designed to provide more energy, endurance, stamina and a strengthening of the immune system.

Our clients report a host of other results such as:

  • better ability to focus

  • better sleep

  • fewer aches and pains

  • reduced stress


View the complete ingredient list  here. 

Read about the science here.


No Risk – Satisfaction Guaranteed or Product Money Refunded


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