Liquid vitaminPassion 4 Life gets a big thumbs up from many doctors and medical professionals.

And who would know better?

The doctors praise the high quality of ingredients, the research behind the product, and the results they have seen in themselves and their patients.

Here’s what they say.


Liquid Vitamin“Passion 4 Life is an easy-to-take liquid form and can be absorbed more efficiently into our bloodstream and cells. I find it much more desirable than taking many pills to achieve the same result. One ounce per day is all you take. It’s that simple.
I believe Passion 4 Life can be a highly effective preventive health product that works to combat premature aging and improve the immune system that can help maintain a healthy and vibrant body and mind. I take Passion 4 Life and I like it. I would recommend this unique liquid supplement to anyone who wants to enjoy a higher state of health.”

Marc M. Sedwitz, MD FACS. Surgeon
Former Chief of Staff, Scripps Memorial Hospital
La Jolla, California

“This vitamin is the best I have seen or taken in my 12+ years of practice. Never have I found a product that has a more immediate effect on energy and performance as Passion 4 Life. My wife, children and I began taking it with amazing results. We feel more energy, stamina, and mental focus. After ‘test driving’ it for ourselves, we began recommending it to our patients who are also thrilled with the results. I do understand why so many doctors, nutritionists, professional athletes and celebrities including Regis Philbin have given unpaid endorsements to Passion 4 Life.”

Dr. Marc Gottlieb of San Diego, California


William M. Cowden, MD, Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Academy of Comprehensive Integrative Medicine, writes:

liquid vitamin“When I take the Passion 4 Life liquid, I feel focused, energetic and, at the same time, peaceful. It is a great product. Congratulations on the job you have done in formulating this product, sourcing the best components and putting it together where it tastes good to adults and children. Aloe vera as the herbal base is brilliant. Aloe vera heals the gastro-intestinal lining on contact and dramatically increases the rate of uptake into the blood stream of all other nutrients in the product. Aloe vera is the only plant in the world that has all 8 sugars (glyconutrients) necessary for optimal function of the human immune system. The form of aloe that you chose is one of the best in the world.”

Dr. Matt Hubbard, a Doctor of Chiropractic who has worked as a fitness trainer and has a degree in kinesiology and other fitness certifications, writes: 

Vitamin Liquid“After 14 years in the health and fitness industry, I have had the experience of hundreds of supplements and nutritional support. It has been exciting for me to find a liquid vitamin that not only has what it claims to have, but has made a huge impact both in my clients and my own personal health. As a professional, it is important to have a high integrity product that actually makes a difference. Passion 4 Life delivers.  I will make sure anyone who is taking a nutritional supplement is taking Passion 4 Life.”


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