8910768-imsomniaCan’t sleep? Is worrying about insomnia leading to more sleeplessness? What’s worse, insomnia can lead to more problems: irritability, restlessness, and stress.

But our customers say Passion 4 Life can help.

Passion 4 Life’s specialized ingredients address the symptoms of insomnia with their complement of the B vitamins.

Insomnia can be a symptom of a niacin and/or magnesium deficiency. So can depression and depressive symptoms as well as forgetfulness, irritability, anxiousness and the inability to focus.

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insomnia vitaminStress, mind chatter and depressive symptoms all contribute to insomnia. That’s the bad news.

The good news is that lifestyle changes, proper diet, and the liquid vitamins and minerals in Passion 4 Life can all help.

Eating too late at night combined with inordinate amount of stress are controlled by behavior modification and are greatly aided utilizing the Amino Acids and minerals found in Passion 4 Life liquid vitamins.

Independent clinical tests using Passion 4 Life liquid vitamins have shown reductions in stress levels, diminishing eye strain, reduced muscle tension and the ability to get to sleep without rolling and tossing. By day eight, participants in the study revealed improvements in focus and energy.

The exciting part of the test is that over 80% of the participants in the study who reported insomnia and related symptoms also reported after the first week of the study they now are able to sleep all night and they are waking in the morning feeling refreshed.

This was a double blind controlled study by independent doctors conducted in March of 2006.


As a professional opera singer for the past 25 years (17 of those with the Metropolitan Opera of New York City) and traveling an average of 10 months a year, I’ve discovered there are three essential ingredients in maintaining a successful operatic career. These are stamina, memory, concentration, and the ability to sleep and rest well. Recently, I was introduced to Passion 4 Life, a new and innovative liquid vitamin and mineral product. I must say it has had a MAJOR influence in my strength, memory, and ability to sleep well each night. I highly recommend this product to anyone who finds he or she needing extra energy and “brain power”. Finally, my search is over for a delicious, high-quality vitamin product to help me achieve my highest health goals!


 Jeffrey Wells
Bass / Baritone,
New York Metropolitan Opera



I couldn’t sleep, didn’t have any energy, it was as if I didn’t even go to bed. Because I couldn’t sleep I was a hard person to get along with. I couldn’t focus, couldn’t get along with my co-workers, nor could I hold a job because I was so stressed. Dr. Mullen gave me a bottle of Passion 4 Life for four weeks. I started sleeping at night. I went to bed and went to sleep. I was able to get up on without hitting the snooze button multiple times. I felt refreshed and above all, I was able to get along with people. I could focus on the job and for the first time in a long time, I was happy with myself. Dr. Mullen gave me a placebo for the second four weeks. I knew something was wrong because within a few days, I started having difficulty sleeping. I became grumpy again, I couldn’t focus, I had a hard time getting up and I felt terrible about myself. I called Dr. Mullen and told him what I had been going through. He told me I was in the placebo group in the second month. I told him the Passion 4 Life Clinic Test proved its effectiveness and demanded to know the name of the product and who the manufacturer was. I was going to get this product and I wanted it now! Dr. Mullen thanked me for taking part in the test and gave me the real stuff.

Thanks to the makers of Passion 4 Life.

Kirsty M.
North Carolina


No Risk – Product Satisfactory or Money Refunded (30 day time limit)

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