Here at Passion 4 Life, some of our biggest supporters are some of the hardest people in the world to convince: doctors and scientists.

They appreciate the research, rigor and precision that are so essential to this unique and powerful product.

They have benefitted from our expertise.

And they suggest you give us a try.


Professor of Nutrition Keith Scott-Mumby, MD, Ph.D. writes to praise our continual improvement process:  

Liquid vitamin“Liquid nutrients are the way to go. Passion 4 Life Liquid Vitamins and Minerals has come up with what is, quite simply, the best product on the market. Most capsules and pills are not even worth swallowing. But with over 135 ingredients, you get just about everything you need with Passion 4 Life. Now it’s even better.  Vitamin C and A have been doubled. Vitamin D3 (the only valid form) goes up to 1,000 IU, which is four times the US recommended daily allowance.  Best of all, there is a new super-nutrient ingredient: Liposomal Resveratrol at around 500% more absorbable than simple Resveratrol, in a way that is protected from oxidation.”


Dr. Carl Von Retteg writes:

vitamins in liquid form” I have worked in the pharmaceutical industry as Director of Medicine in several laboratories including Biochemie, Lederle, Bayer, and Union Carbide. In addition, I held the position of Director of Control of Drugs and Pharmaceuticals for the Health Department in Mexico, equivalent to the Drug Enforcement Agency in the US. In my opinion, Passion 4 Life is by far the most unique and innovative formula of high pharmacy grade ingredients that will undoubtedly revolutionize the absorption of nutrients by the body like never before.”


Dr. Anthony Mullen, Ph.D, FACHE, CMPE, RRT  writes:

test-anthony_mullen“We conducted a double-blind clinical test with individuals diagnosed as lethargic. To date, we are happy to report that 100% of the test group has shown significant improvement while those in the placebo group have shown no improvement.  I now recommend Passion 4 Life to all my clients.”



test-deniss_manessPassion 4 Life is an amazing life changing liquid product and addresses head on the need for specific supplements to help with low energy, stress, depression and other neurological issues. Passion 4 Life’s increased vitamin B-complex content as well as balanced amino acids in connection to over 100 additional ingredients, has proven to work extremely well with my patients who suffer from stress, depression, mood changes, forgetfulness, mental confusion and other depressive systems. Independent clinical tests using Passion 4 Life liquid vitamins has shown reductions in stress levels and reduction in mind chatter by reducing multiple competing thoughts that generate confusion, frustration and feelings of stress.

Participants in the study revealed major improvements on day eight as follows: More energy, improved focus, ability to sleep all night and the ability to awake refreshed in the morning. This was a double blind controlled study by independent doctors conducted in March of 2006. The specialized ingredients in Passion 4 Life include a well balanced high grade blend of essential vitamins, amino acids, antioxidants and minerals specially designed to work together to enhance the effectiveness of this liquid product. I recommend this awesome product to all my patients.

Dennis Maness, Ph.D.
Research Neuroscience
Vice President
International Brain Wave Institute


No Risk – Satisfaction Guaranteed or Product Cost Refunded, No Questions Asked (30 day time limit)

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