The Female Vitamin

Do you know what vitamin is often called the female vitamin because it helps provide beauty and health in the female body?  That’s why this vitamin is often an active ingredient in facial, skin and hair treatments.

In addition, it is also called the “vitamin of fertility” because a lack of it can be a deciding factor if you wish to get pregnant as it regulates hormonal and reproductive systems by helping to prevent disease, activating blood circulation and increasing healing, according to a new study in China. The conclusion was that vitamin supplements can be a significant help in getting pregnant faster.

What is this mysterious vitamin?  Vitamin E.

It is important not only for the above reasons but it also plays a big role in other critical health functions.

Nutrition tips for athletes

Nutrition tips for athletes

Passion 4 Life Health Minute

It’s becoming more and more clear to professional athletes, college or high school athletes and weekend warriors that nutrition can make a huge difference between a good season and a great one.

Not only does nutrition help with peak performance and recovery, it is also critical in helping prevent injuries and illness or speeding up the healing process.

Athletes should make sure they get enough essential vitamins, trace minerals, amino acids and antioxidants to assist with energy, bone strength, injury healing and carrying oxygen to the body.

Why I’m So Passionate About Vitamins!

Why am I so passionate about good health and taking vitamins?

Simple – because I grew up malnourished, eating flower bulbs for survival. Being placed in a state-run orphanage during World War II when the Nazis tore my family away in front of me at age 2, I was tortured every day with abuse of every kind.

I had a choice – let my past define me or let it refine me. I chose to let is refine me so I moved heaven and earth to improve my ravaged body and a suicidal mind.

When I couldn’t find supplements that actually worked for me, I had no choice but to create one that would work because I needed it badly. Now thousands of people are being helped through the supplement I created Passion 4 Life liquid vitamins and minerals.

Find your why and what you are passionate about. Leave your positive mark on the world!

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