“The delicious liquid alternative to hard-to-swallow pills”

Welcome to the PASSION 4 LIFE Affiliate Program. First of all this program is NOT an MLM (Multi Level Marketing System). To put it simply, it is a referral program – you refer a new customer and you will get paid on that sale… and on every purchase thereafter that customer makes. In fact, many of our customers end up getting their monthly vitamins for free by participating in this easy rewards program!

We at PASSION 4 LIFE have created a program that is easy to use, supplies you with the tools that can make you successful and will give you the ability to make some money quickly and easily.

We KNOW you love our product so why not share this life-changing product AND earn money while doing it?

Once you sign up (which is FREE), we will give you a link for you to share that will track all your sales. You can share your Passion 4 Life link on your Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), in your Blog or email database, and you will automatically receive 10% of the entire sale as cash…it’s that simple!  All you need is a PayPal account so we can transfer all your commissions each month.

The rewards can be HUGE.  Let’s put it in perspective: If you have a following of 1000 people and 100 of them purchase Passion 4 Life at $40 per bottle = $4000, you get 10% of those sales or $400 extra income that month.  And, if they share your link with their family and friends, you earn 10% on those sales as well.

( *Affiliate payments will not be applied to Special Offers, Sale Items or Introductory offers )



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