Can Amino Acids end most pain?

The jury is still be out on that, but one thing is certain: amino acids are the building blocks of the body. You need to ensure you are getting enough.

Besides building cells and repairing tissue, amino acids form antibodies to combat invading bacteria and viruses. They are part of the enzyme and hormonal system.
Amino acids build nucleoproteins (RNA and DNA), carry oxygen throughout our body and participate in muscle activity.
When protein is broken down by digestion, the result is 22 known amino acids. Eight are essential (cannot be manufactured by the body with proper nutrition).
Some amino acids reduce anxiety and depression, they help in the treatment of migraine headaches, they help the immune system, they help reduce the risk of artery heart spasms, and they work with lysine in reducing cholesterol levels.

A recent article by Dr. David Blyweiss informs us that most chronic pain can be stopped by taking amino acids, especially phenylalanine. It eases pain by blocking the enzymes that break down the body’s natural pain-killing chemicals. Other research shows that phenylalanine helps reduce chronic pain associated with migraines, multiple sclerosis and fibromyalgia by stimulating nerve pathways in the brain that control pain.
Passion 4 Life has a rich proprietary amino acid blend consisting of 17 of the most powerful and effective amino acids including phenylalanine.

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