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True or False?

Can vitamins actually help your hearing?

Did you guess false – like me? Well, I just learned something new – there are 3 vitamins that can actually help your hearing. Shocked??? Me too! The first is Vitamin B. In addition to its many other benefits, there is a natural compound known as nicotinamide riboside, contained in Vitamin B, that can reduce hearing loss. This compound surrounds the nerves inside of the cochlea in your ear which means the nerves are more protected so that vibrations from noises will not cause hearing loss as quickly. The second is magnesium which is a mineral that is needed in every cell of your body. One of its functions is to protect the inner ear from unwanted free radicals, the bad guys that destroy your cells, which when accumulated can cause hearing loss. Magnesium also helps protect from glutamate which is produced by sound waves. If left unchecked, inner ear damage can result. Since magnesium helps block free radicals and glutamate, it is important to have a good amount of magnesium in your daily diet to help improve your hearing. The third is folic acid which is one natural vitamin that will help to improve your hearing. Folic acid speeds up the rate of metabolism of homocysteine which is an amino acid that will reduce the flow of blood to the inner ear causing parts of the inner ear to begin to deteriorate. Daily doses of folic acid will reduce the homocysteines in your body that restrict blood flow so your ear will be able to function better, reducing your chance of hearing loss.

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