Why I Take Passion 4 Life Everyday

Hi, I’m Giovanni! I have been an all-around athlete since I was a kid; playing football, baseball, wrestling and boxing. When I turned 21 years old, I injured my shoulder, that sent me down a spiral of addiction to painkillers. Today, addiction no longer has its grip on me, but years of malnutrition and being ignorant to my body’s needs has taken a toll.

I live a very active lifestyle today as a personal trainer and need something that will give me all the nutrients my body and mind need. That’s why I take and fully support Passion 4 Life liquid vitamins. Taking a daily 1 oz. serving of Passion 4 Life liquid vitamins ensures that I will get everything I need to perform my best every day!

So Why Did We Add Turmeric?

Turmeric is the world’s most powerful natural anti-inflammatory as well as antioxidant. In fact, some have called it the natural remedy of the century! Curcumin is the main active ingredient in turmeric which “races to put out the inflammatory fires all over your body”. It also helps to boost memory and mood, improve brain as well as heart function and ease digestive issues.

Why Should I Take Passion 4 Life?

77-year-young creator of Passion 4 Life

If you want to make sure this product will work for you, consider this – liquid vitamin delivery is far superior in absorption than most hard-to-swallow vitamin pills (up to 98% vs. 10-20% for most pills). Why does this matter to you? Because this allows you to more fully experience the benefits of Passion 4 Life including increased energy and focus in your day to day life, a stronger immune system and much more. We know you’ll love it!

This is the amount of food you would have to eat daily to get only some of the nutrition you will get from one delicious ounce of Passion 4 Life

It would cost literally hundreds of dollars monthly to purchase the 135 ingredients individually to equal what is in Passion 4 Life.

Also, if you tried to eat the daily amount of food required to equal what is in our delicious product, it would not only be physically impossible but financially prohibitive.

Vitamin Equivalents

Vitamin Equivalents

Vitamin Equivalents

Vitamin Equivalents

Vitamin Equivalents

Vitamin Equivalents

Vitamin Equivalents

Vitamin Equivalents

Vitamin Equivalents



You would normally have to pay $200+ each month to get every ingredient in Passion 4 Life.


For all ages 1 - 100

Passion 4 Life is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. Great for the entire family.


Delicious Tasting

No chalky after-taste. You can taste the goodness. Even kids love it and ask for more!


Good Cause

A portion of every vitamin bottle you buy goes to help a child in need!


No Artificial Flavors

Even the gluten intolerant and celiac disease sufferers can enjoy our product.


Gluten Free

Even the gluten intolerant and celiac disease sufferers can enjoy our product


GMO Free

Only natural sourced ingredients are in our formula.


Wheat Free

People who are allergic to wheat love our product.


Now With Turmeric

Passion 4 Life now includes the world’s most powerful anti-inflammatory.


No Caffeine

We use only natural energy boosters (B12, D-Ribose) without jittery side effects.


No Artificial Colors

No artificial colors ever - only the healthy color of nature.


No Artificial Sweeteners

Passion 4 Life only uses nature’s own sweetener (Stevia).

Tour the Passion 4 Life FDA Compliant Facility

Take a “behind the scenes” look at where Passion 4 Life is made in our FDA compliant, CGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practices) facility in the U.S. Charles oversee EVERY aspect of EVERY batch because quality and the integrity of the product are our highest priorities.

Backed by 15 years of research, many medical endorsements, and thousands of satisfied customers, Passion 4 Life is your best choice for a healthier lifestyle. Passion 4 Life uses the finest manufacturing process and is the complete answer at a fraction of the cost while being 5x more effective.

Don’t Take Our Word For It – Hear What People Are Saying

“I LOVE Passion 4 Life and so do my kids. It’s easy to take, liquid and eliminates the capsules and tablets. I’ve noticed more energy, the kids have more motivation in school, are more alert and interactive, their teachers even notice it.”

Yesenia J.
Passion 4 Life Customer | Working Mom

“I love the stuff! Hard-to-swallow pills are history. Passion 4 Life is, quite simply, the best product on the market. Get yourself a bottle. You’ll love Passion 4 life vitamins and what it does for you!”

Keith Scott-Mumby, MD, MB, ChB, PhD
Professor of Nutrition

“After singing opera for 25 years, I realize that there are some key ingredients to being successful stamina,  concentration and most of all memory and since I’ve been on Passion 4 Life my memory has never been better!”

Jeffrey Wells
NY Metropolitan Opera Star

“People ask me how I do I stay in such good shape, well I love Passion 4 Life! I take it every single day, and guess what – it gives me the energy and passion to keep going all day long every day.”

Kevin Harrington
“Original Shark” on ABC’s Shark Tank



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