Kevin Harrington, one of the “original sharks” on ABC’s “Shark Tank”, wrote about Passion 4 Life in Forbes. Here are some excerpts.

“Today, most companies at least pay lip service to the idea of corporate social responsibility and its close cousin “cause-related marketing.” The idea is that companies can — and should  — do well by doing good. With few exceptions, not many would argue with that proposition. But the problem can be a fundamental one: a disconnect between reality and appearance — between style and substance.

charles_passion-for-lifePassion 4 Life Liquid Vitamins and Minerals is an example of “doing it right”. They are “a vitamin with a mission.”

I share their story because it has made a big impression on me. And what a story it is!

Founded by Charles and Linda Van Kessler, Passion 4 Life was created to address the ongoing health and nutritional needs that Charles had since early childhood.

Born in Amsterdam, Holland during World War II, at age 2 Charles experienced the horrific scene of having his father’s side of the family, which was Jewish, snatched away in front of him by the Nazis.

His Catholic mother couldn’t care for him and placed him in a state-run orphanage where he suffered malnutrition and abuse of every kind imaginable for 8 years. After coming to America as a young man, in 1986 Charles founded a 501 (c)(3) non-profit, Passion 4 K.I.D.S. (

Years later, at age 65, having studied and researched nutrition for 15 years, Charles reinvented himself by creating a unique liquid vitamin product, Passion 4 Life.

And here’s the point: from the outset, Charles insisted that a portion of the profits would go to fund his charity.

This synergistic “marriage” combines the two things that Charles lacked in his formative years – good nutrition and people to truly love him.

p4k3You can’t be with the Van Kessler’s more than a few minutes before their eyes light up as they share the stories of “their” kids in the charity that they work with hands on.

Their main goal in growing their company is to be able to put more funds into their charity and help more children in desperate situations.

They are passionate about their mission and what they want their legacy to be.

That really touched me.

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