Passion 4 Life aims to make your healthcare simpler and affordable through our powerful and effective liquid vitamins.

With a comprehensive formula and superior absorption, Passion 4 Life is 5x more effective than most other vitamins on the market.

  Passion 4 Life founder and creator, Charles Van Kessler, explains the very personal story behind the product.

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Charles Van Kessler writes:

Most people do not have any memory from age two. But for me, it is an indelibly etched piece of my DNA. It was 1943 in Amsterdam, Holland with World War II in full rage.Sitting terrified in our living room, my parents, grandparents and I huddled together for safety. Since my father was Jewish, the fears were real and were about to become a living horror for us…as high-pitched German-accented shouts got closer, Nazi soldiers broke down our door and dragged away my father and grandparents.

Unable to care for me, my Catholic mom placed me in a state-run orphanage where I remained the next 8 years, enduring abuse of every kind and surviving by eating flower bulbs.

Not able to take the abuse any longer, I finally ran away at the age of 10 and drifted all over Holland on my own trying to survive. The struggle was ferocious. In December 1964 my dream came true when I legally immigrated to America. I now proudly hold up my American passport to the whole world. Having suffered the effects of a malnourished body and mind, I began taking handfuls of vitamin pills only to find out that they didn’t work for me because of the poor absorption.

I began studying the American vitamin phenomena and researched the nutritional values of taking supplements. After more than 20 years it became a burning passion to create a liquid multivitamin and mineral product, so powerful, so effective, so unique and so great tasting that it would change my life and if it worked for me, which it did, I would share it with the world. When I finally decided to create such a product, it took literally another 10 years to actually accomplish it. In 2006 the first version of Passion 4 Life liquid vitamins and minerals was born. My wife named it to reflect the way I lead my life.

Since Passion 4 Life was created from my own struggles in life, it is now my personal passion to help you also “live your life with passion”. It has been my life’s mission to turn my tragic beginning in life into a story of reinvention and hope.

Passion 4 Life liquid vitamins helps support and fund our 501 (c) (3) non profit charity Passion 4 K.I.D.S. So when you do something good for your own health, you also help a child in need.



My desire is to leave a legacy of hope that no matter how you start in life, you can turn it around and make a positive difference for the world. So take your “Passion” and make it happen.

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